Fillings and Sealants

At Mint Dental Care, we provide high-quality fillings and sealants to help protect your teeth from decay and restore their natural appearance.

Tooth Fillings and Sealants in Twin Falls, ID

Fillings and sealants are essential services for maintaining a healthy, cavity-free smile. Fillings repair teeth damaged by decay, restoring their function and appearance. We use composite fillings, which blend seamlessly with natural teeth for a flawless finish. Due to their durability and aesthetic appeal, composite fillings are an excellent choice for both anterior (front) and posterior (back) teeth.

Sealants, on the other hand, are preventative measures applied to the chewing surfaces of your back teeth. They act as a barrier, protecting these vulnerable areas from bacteria and plaque buildup. Sealants are especially beneficial for children and teenagers, as their newly erupted permanent teeth are more susceptible to cavities.

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  • How much do fillings cost?

    The cost of composite fillings varies depending on the location of the filling. Posterior composite fillings range from $201 to $323, while anterior composite fillings range from $177 to $321. Certain PPO plans may cover up to 80% of the cost, making these treatments more affordable for our patients.

  • How long do composite fillings last?

    Composite fillings are highly durable and can last many years with proper care. Maintaining good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups can help extend the life of your fillings.

  • Do sealants require any special care?

    Sealants are easy to care for and do not require any special maintenance. Continue your regular brushing and flossing routine and attend your scheduled dental check-ups. Our team will check your sealants during your visits.

More Questions?

If you have more questions about tooth fillings and sealants, please contact our office and we will be happy to discuss further.

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